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Sugar Free Sweets

At The Rock Shops we try extremely hard to make sure all the dietary needs of our customers are catered for, which is why we stock a huge selection of sugar-free sweets such as traditional mints toffees, marshmallows and boiled sweets such rhubarb & custard, lemon sherbets and clove drops. We also stock some delicious chocolates and jelly sweets such as cola bottles, giant strawberries and cherry gums.


We try to keep the sugar substitutes as natural as possible using as much naturally produced Stevia as possible. Stevia is a plant extract that is being used more frequently as a natural sweetener and is great for not only diabetics and those trying to lose weight but also for our customers who have intolerance to sugar.


We also have some fabulous sugar-free biscuits including our own sugar-free Isle of Wight Shortbread baked in our own bakery at the Shanklin Shop and have an ever expanding range of Dairy-free and Gluten-free produce including ranges from Celtic, Choices, Diablo and Lazy days which include gorgeous biscuits, shortbreads, chocolate bars and Chocolate Caramels.