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Old Fashioned Sweetie Selection


In this day and age it is not always easy to wander down the street and find that glorious old fashioned sweet shop that takes you back to your childhood (unless you live on the Isle of Wight, Obvs!)
So we have created a gorgeous treat box that will provide you with such a sensory overload that it will have you looking for a parent to pester for pocket money!
Containing a huge selection of sweets and treats from yesteryear including - Rhubarb & Custard, Army & Navy, Winter Mixture, Chocolate Limes, Lemon Sherbets, Everton Mints, Spearmint Chews, Butterscotch, Barley Sugars, Sugar Mice, Midget Gems, Wine Gums, Flying Saucers, Licorice Sticks, West Indian Limes, Pear Drops, Aniseed Balls and Sherbet Strawberries to name but a few!
We will send you a random selection in separate 100g bags for you to enjoy at your leisure....
Please choose the weight you would like from the drop down option.